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Our goal in writing this book was to make a one stop place to offer anyone struggling with any kind of addiction, a chance of getting whole and healthy in one book. We are convinced that if you take the tools in this book in a group setting, individual setting, laying in your bunk at jail or at home, you can achieve true freedom and wholeness.

There is hope, the question is are you willing and ready?

Part 1 Chapters 1-14

Part 1 of the book gives an overview of writer’s personal testimony. His desired was to write it from a place that allows him to keep things real. There will be some lingo and catch pharases that some may not understand, but most will get the point of what is being said. We at Addicted No More try our best to recall the things to the best of our ability. We are also writing from a place of deep dark addiction. We know that all readers that read the book are not this deeply involved in addiction, but we believe that any addiction can be fixed no matter how big or small.

Part 2 Sessions 1-13

Part 2 of the book is where we come alongside you and walk you through every year of your life. Through these sessions we will help you get set free from all pain, hurt, abuse, rejection and more and from any and all addictions for life. We will make a solid guarantee that if you do what we teach you everyday it will be impossible for you to ever be addicted again. I will never forget that if I did not shoot drugs in my arm twice a day I would be super sick and unable to function. If we do not find a way to deal with our present, past, and future feelings daily we will do what we have been doing daily, For most of us that is deep dark affliction, despair, and addiction.
There is hope, the question is are you willing and ready? For this to work we have to be all in like we are with our life controlling behaviors.

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